Train with

Simon Shi


Discover Your Power Through
Triathlon Coaching

weekly training plan

Personalized training plan posted on Training Peaks catered specifically to help you meet your triathlon goals

1:1 Consultation

Direct line to Simon, reaching out to him for any questions or checking in on your progress (Unlimited email & text support)

Constant feedback

2-way communication for feedback on your workouts

Swim Technique videos

Weekly swim videos where Simon discusses various drills and swim-related technique you can implement in your training

Nutrition Guidance

General nutrition guidance as well as a detailed race-day fuel plan

Form Assessments

Send videos of swim, bike, and run videos for review

At $180 per month, coaching with Simon is an invaluable investment in your athletic future.

It’s a comprehensive, personalized, and supportive coaching experience that also fuels Simon’s own professional dreams.

Join Simon’s coaching program today and take the first step towards achieving your triathlon goals while supporting an athlete who is committed to excellence.

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