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Welcome to my first post of my blog! This will be an introduction about me!

Currently, I am a senior studying Computer Science at Virginia Tech. At the time of writing this, I will be graduating next month, virtually, because of the COVID situation happening at the moment. Some schools have pushed back the graduation date but Virginia Tech will still have virtual graduations mid-May.

I made my first website my junior year of high school in 2015 and was hooked to the programming area. I have taken the core computer science classes including data structures, algorithms, and computer architect classes as well as different electives like cloud software development and bio-informatics.

I was always huge into sports, playing tennis, baseball, basketball, and swimming. I stuck with swimming because I loved it and was good at it. I swam at the NCAA division 1 level at Virginia Tech, finishing my career with a finals win in the 200 breastroke at the 2020 ACC conference. Now, I am planning to compete in triathlons. My goal is to do an IronMan as my first triathlon.

I currently have 2 YouTube channels – one that focuses on puzzles and the other on my swim journey. I’m planning to change the swim channel to more of a fitness one. I also enjoy reading the news and trading stocks.

There’s many things I want to write about, in addition to my YouTube channels and other pursuits. So, make sure you try to learn something new everyday and live a happy life! I’ll see you soon!