The Hardest Puzzle

Here is my first attempt at solving the Examinx in record time! The Examinx is the hardest mass-produced puzzle in the market as of June 2020.

Training Like Olympic Champion Jan Frodeo for 1 Day

Olympic Gold Medalist and multiple IronMan world champion, Jan Frodeno, trains more than 7 hours, which includes a 19.5 mile run, 3.5 mile swim, and 37 mile bike, ALL IN ONE DAY! In this video, I attempt Frodeno’s massive training schedule and see how I’ll do. Have a great week!

About Me!

Welcome to my first post of my blog! This will be an introduction about me! Currently, I am a senior studying Computer Science at Virginia Tech. At the time of writing this, I will be graduating next month, virtually, because of the COVID situation happening at the moment. Some schools have pushed back the graduation date but Virginia Tech will …

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!